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Close the deal on a Kentucky trophy buck or turkey of a lifetime at BuckHorn Ranch! Check out our 2021/2022 dates for hunts by visiting our date and pricing page, or our Contact Us page to schedule your hunt of a life time! Prime dates fill up fast, so reserve your dream hunt soon!!!

If you are looking for a trophy

Our main goal is to manage our property so that guests have the opportunity to harvest bucks ranging from 140” up to 180” Boone and Crockett and possibly even larger

Always Free Range animals

No trophy fees


Kentucky hunting license and deer permit can be purchased on line or over the counter. We suggest you purchase them on line and print them before arrival. You must have a copy on you at all times. When you harvest an animal you must tele check it by 12:00 midnight on the day of harvest. We at BuckHorn Ranch will assist you with doing this and help with any questions and concerns.


Redneck Blinds

Redneck Blinds are simply the best hunting blind on the market! Match a Redneck Hunting Blind to your hunting style by choosing from the new Big Country, Buck Palace, Predator, to the Outfitter or Sportsman hay bale blind. BuckHorn Ranch uses several styles and types of Redneck Hunting Blinds so we know first hand how great they are!! You can try them out when you book a hunt with us! We not only sell Redneck Hunting blinds and their great accessories, but can help get you select the right blinds for you if you are looking to set up your own hunting paradise! Give us a call to find out more or to place an order.


Eagle seeds

Eagle seeds carry many of the best food plot seeds you can plant. BuckHorn Ranch proudly represents and plants Eagle Seed year after year because it yields some of the best tonnage per acre! Additionally, Eagle Seeds has developed one of the only Round Up Ready Soybeans on the market. From Large Lad RR*, Big Fellow RR, RR Corn or any of the Wildlife Managers Mix RR to Ag soybeans and even fall seeds like Buffalo Fall Blend, Buck Monster Wheat,  or Clover Keeper. Give us a call here at BuckHorn Ranch to find out more or place an order. We can also work with you to evaluate your hunting land to find the right combination of Eagle Seed to plant. 

*(denotes Round Up ready seed)


Future Generation Ag

Future Generation AG carries some of the best cover crop seeds available on the market! BuckHorn Ranch proudly uses seed mixes including Bullseye radish, Buckshot annual Ryegrass, Covermax mixes and forage mixes. Cover crops are crucial for building soil during the off season and providing forage mixes for your local deer herd to eat during Fall and Winter. Give us a call to find out more or to place an order.


Cuddeback Cameras

Cuddelink cameras are simply the best scouting cameras on the market. With their new proprietary wireless mesh network they have surpassed all typical scouting cameras. You can transmit images from up to 15 remote cameras to 1 home camera. No more disturbing all your camera sites to check your cameras, no more leaving scent in your areas. Now you can just check 1 camera that you install an in easy to get to area without leaving scent or disturbing the game like around you cabin, home or just around a gate. Cuddeback now has an affordable cell camera that also can stand alone or connect up to 15 remote cameras with only having to pay for 1 cell plan. There are many plans available that will meet you budget. 

Give us a call to find out more or to place an order.


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