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BuckHorn Ranch offers several areas for you to hunt, which are chosen based on time of season you will be hunting.

These areas include: 

Food plots which contain forage soybean, standing or cut corn, clover, brassicas and cereal grains. All of the food plots we have planted are for the wild life and not for crop production. (We have food for wildlife “on the table” all year). 

Trails leading to and from food plots.

Trails leading to and from feeders.

Trails leading to and from bedding areas.

Major funnels, pinch points and saddles.

At BuckHorn Ranch we abide by all established Kentucky hunting rules and regulations. We strive to maintain a minimum 140″ and larger B&C score. Bucks  must be at least 4 1/2 years old or older to harvest. No bucks will be allowed to be taken if it does not meet the minimum. There will be a $500 fine if this rule is broken.

If you shoot a buck and draw blood, we will do everything possible to locate and retrieve him. However, if we are unable to locate your Buck, your Buck tag will be considered filled. If this occurs, you will only be permitted to hunt does for the duration of your stay.

We encourage all hunters to take at least 1 or more does along with your buck, according to Kentucky harvest limits for the particular year you are hunting with us. We strive hard to keep a balance between the buck-to-doe ratio and keenly monitor the population of deer to help ensure sustainable management practices.

NEW for 2020.  

BuckHorn Ranch now is offering all hunts by the day. You pick the days that work for you, the days you can hunt and book the hunt. Get the same experience whether you hunt 1 day or 5 days.

We have 2 different hunting packages for whitetail and turkey hunts. These were designed to give all hunters an option. Most outfitters offer only the all inclusive package. We at Buckhorn Ranch would like for our customers to have a choice if desired.

Each package does include a hunting experience that begins with lodging in our newly renovated lodge,  (you may bring alcoholic beverages but no one will be allowed to hunt if any is consumed prior to any hunt), transportation to and from stands, retrieval of your game, quartering and meat storage in your own cooler. If processing is desired, we will accommodate you by transporting to a meat processor. 

All inclusive package. This package caters to your every need. You bring you weapon of choice and your gear, then we will do the rest. Gratuities are appreciative 

Basic hunting package. This package was designed for those who want to pick up their own food and do their own cooking.


At BuckHorn Ranch our goal is to help put you on a trophy of a life time. We will do everything in our power to help you have a safe and successful hunting experience. We limit our hunts to between 2 and 4 hunters to limit pressure on our deer and turkeys and ensure personalized guide service to our hunters. We tailor our hunts to our guests, taking into consideration the best hunting times, wind and moon phase conditions to ensure the highest likelihood of putting you on the trophy you are after! During early season, we take into consideration the difference in deer feeding patterns where they will come to food plots in the afternoon but leave the same areas before day light during early season. We adapt our hunting strategies as the hunting season progresses so that we position hunters so they have the opportunity to achieve success during every phase of the season!  Our strategically developed agricultural and wooded habitat for deer and turkey encourage wildlife to make BuckHorn Ranch their home range year-round. 

Here at BuckHorn Ranch, we are strongly committed to putting hunters in locations where the wind is optimal for that location. We have ample hunting locations and types of stands, ladders and blinds so we can be best prepared to put a hunter in a stand with the best wind. We will also be scouting during your stay for your next days sit. 

We try to provide some of the industries safest and most comfortable stands on the market. You will be hunting the following type stands. Redneck Blinds with 10′-15′ platforms, Redneck hay bale blinds, Double Bull blinds, Millennium ladder stands, Lock on stands and climbers if wanted. Fall protection equipment will be required if you hunt in a ladder, lock-on or climber because they are mostly above 20′ in height. Remember a safe hunter is a happy hunter and we want everyone to return safe to our comfortable Lodge to trade stories from each exciting hunt!!

BuckHorn Ranch uses the industries best trail cameras during all times of the year, not just during hunting season. We have 60+ cameras ranging from Reconyx Hyper Fire, Plot Watcher Pro and Cuddelink  cameras located strategically throughout the property. We monitor deer and turkey activity year round,  When scouting, we utilize these cameras to help keep from spreading human scent to a minimum.  Our cell cameras will text real-time pictures as they are taken giving us critically valuable MRI (most recent information).

BuckHorn Ranch also maintains a very extensive wildlife feeding program. We have developed a very high protein feed that we use almost year around. We distribute approximately 6 ton of this very high protein mix to many feeders throughout our property. The feeders range in size from 250 lb to 750 lb in size. All of our feeders are protected from the elements, thus maintaining optimal freshness and nutritiional value of the feed.

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